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                                                 The Blacktail 2500                                       



         This  rear rack Saddle Pack  is more than a set of panniers and a rear rack pack.  Made of Waterproof Nylon in your choice of available camo patterns. Sewn with 100% polyester strong durable thread. Resistant to abrasion, wear, and mildew. All zippers are size 5 YYK,  the side panniers have 24 inch zippers and the top rack pack has a 36 inch zipper. All have double pulls, which allow easier loading and positioning. As always, the cord pulls are tied in our unique knot.  All zippers are covered with a storm seam, covering the zipper.  The side panniers are 14 inches long, 15 inches deep, and 4 inches wide, with an angled front side to eliminate kicking , each side is secured to the bike with three hook and loop straps. A 1 inch Nylon web  compression strap cinches the load tightly to the bike. We don't want those front and rear quarters shifting around as we're riding over water bars and whatever else is on the logging road.  The top rack pack is 5 inches high, 10 inches wide and 15 inches long, with crisscrossed 1/2 Nylon web compression straps, each one with side release buckles. After you fill the top rack packs 750 cu.inches of storage, and have it all zipped tight, those crisscross web straps will secure the head and hide.  And just in case he's above average, we include a extension web strap with a side release buckle. After all the work that goes into taking an archery buck, we don't want that head to go bouncing down off the roadside!