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                                                         Mini Gear Bags


     We make these handy dandy mini gear bags in three basic sizes,

 5" x 5" ( perfect fit for the Bowmaster portable bow press! We never go to camp without one. ), 7' x 5", and 7" x 8". As always, your choice of available camo patterns. All bags have a large holding loop of the same pattern and a cord loop at the other end to hold while zipping closed. We offer the option of right hand opening or left hand opening. We will also make bags to your specifications. We use large loops ( 2 1/4 " ) to ease in keeping them together, just hook 'em together with a small carabineer, not included.

  Glasses case..  your choice of available camo and liners, Also right or left handed. Made the same as the mini gear bags, just smaller and lined. Never hurts to have an extra pair of reading glasses along.